Thursday, March 13, 2008

Chew On This: Thursday

Now here are two charaben I can really get behind the table for: Le Petit Prince and Tin Tin, two of Europe's most cherished children (as opposed to _____ or _____ ). Which would you rather swallow? (...and don't be dirty-minded, please... kids are looking at this stuff!)

This image © KUBO.

This image © KUBO.


Mer said...

Who is the artist of these bentos? "Kubo"?

Could you tell us more please, or give us a link to this person's blog?


DETACH said...

KUBO is indeed the artisan behind these two particular bentos. She is also one of the mothers featured in FACE FOOD... and actually makes bentos for her 20-year old sister! How cool!

While putting together FACE FOOD, I was given disks and disks of images, in addition to what I photographed myself... almost all of these extraneous photos (ones that didn't make the final cut of the book) will slowly make their way onto this blog.

There is a short interview with KUBO (and others) in the book. Do check it out when the book hits stores!

Mer said...


This was just the first post that didn't specifically mention the artist, so I wondered.