Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Chew On This: Tuesday

Finally, a Chew On This entry we can all agree on: Smile's spring bunnies! Have a gander at these cute and (mostly) delicious little things...

Sample 1: White Rice Bunny with Bunnish Smile.

This image © SMILE.

Sample 2: Spring Colors Bunny. The detail of the little chick in the egg... so adorable!

This image © SMILE.

Sample 3: Excitable Bunny on Rice with Clovers.

This image © SMILE.

Sample 4: In all honesty, this one might be a squirrel.

This image © SMILE.

Smile (aka Fumie, but you didn't hear that from me) is a Tokyo local with a love of obento design. She really is awesome!

See more of her work here. (Sorry, the site's in Japanese only!)


carrotpreacher said...

Hello, great blog, I noticed you had Underworld listed as one of your music favorites which leads me to believe that you like electronica. If you do, please read my latest post (in fact, read the last few to understand what my blog is about). I'm trying to get this music thing going grassroots style.

Adam said...
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