Monday, August 31, 2009

There are two corporations I refuse to hand my money over to (mostly due to bad business practices). One is Wal-mart, that giant out of the Midwest. The other is McDonald's, which has extended its greasy hands into the big butts of every country on this planet.

In Japan, obesity levels are rising - 2 million people were treated for diabetes in 2006, which is double the numbers from fifteen years ago. Still, only about 25% of the population is overweight. Compare this to the U.S., where 65% of us have eating problems. Simply gross.

Wendy's. KFC. Denny's. Mac-a-don-a-ru. These chains have made their way into more than one Japanese neighborhood and because of this - a few charaben designs. TakuPapa's "TFC" from the first Face Food comes to mind, as does this recent design by Sauth, one of the contributors to Face Food Recipes:

Being a vegetarian, I know how hard it is to get by in Japan, especially with the high price of most imported fruits and vegetables. Given the growing availability of cheap fast food options (typically high in calories and trans fats), what is to come of the world's longest living population?

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