Sunday, September 13, 2009

F-Train Charaben

Yesterday's journey home concluded with a grueling wait for the Brooklyn-bound F-Train - so of course there were the regular annoyances that go along with that: dealing with the sweltering heat inside the 42nd St Station, the confusion of the E running on the F, the over-friendly strangers, the smell of the melting Japanese groceries inside my bag...All these little moments have me wishing I lived with a more efficient public transportation system. (How I miss thee, JR!)

To honor the eve, this morning I woke up bright and early to make this: the F-Train onigiri charaben!

The ingredients:
1. Subway train: white rice with black sesame and sea salt
2. Train details: nori

3. Train windows: white cheddar cheese

4. F-Train logo: carrot and nori

5. Lights: tomato

6. Yellow line/divider: yellow pepper

First, I created a decorative bed in the bento box using some freshly washed kale. Then I pressed together the onigiri by hand - the roasted black sesame and sea salt was added to the rice when it was still in my rice cooker. With the onigiri placed in the center of the bento, I decorated the front of the car by taking my X-Acto knife to some nori, cheese, pepper and carrot, then with a hole punch I knocked-out those tomato red lights.

I filled up the remaining space inside the bento using ingredients my girlfriend and I would eat - all veggie goodies. On top: sauteed lotus root (peel, slice and soak in vinegar water for a few minutes before sauteeing in sesame oil - yum!), cherry tomatoes and some ground faux meat soy chunks. On the bottom: broccoli sauteed in garlic and olive oil alongside three asparagus spears, chopped and stacked at an angle.

This certainly isn't the best charaben around, and I'm not entirely sure I should have gone with the angled train approach...but hey, it was early, I was (and still am) exhausted, and if it's not 100% attractive to the eyes at least I know it will be 100% delicious!


krts said...

holy hell man...can you make me an L train one with hipsters on it? How much do you charge for this? I know so many people that would want one, two, or three or more!

Totally love this blog!

Tamara said...

For the record, it was delectable, and enough to satisfy this adult lady. A+ on the lotus root which was done perfectly, and the veggie ground meat was a nice complement. What will you pack me for tomorrow?

karen said...

chris, i'm incredibly impressed...had just read the NYtimes article about bento boxes recently too!

katty said...
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I certainly think that this is not a very good looking dish, In fact, I wouldn't have dared to eat such a weird looking food.
I would rather starvation instead having such a yuck meal.

Elliott Broidy said...

Look fab!!!