Thursday, September 3, 2009


One of my favorite Japanese programs of late of all time is Mameshiba. Literally "bean dog," the Mameshibas come in the form of, well...any kind of bean there is. These little guys pop out when their victims least expect it, only to dole out random (usually bizarre) trivia. It's just dark enough to be adorable. Word on the street: the show is making its way into the English-language market. (Let's just hope they don't rewrite the trivia for American markets.) Have a look:

Oh, and the big plus to most Japanophiles (and veggie lovers): the merch is great.


Krts said...

My girl friend would weep with joy for one of those...hrm, second time I mentioned her in one blog...

Lit'Miss Accessorize said...

Mameshiba coming to
Soon! Do watch us :)