Saturday, February 16, 2008 Gets Some Face Time w/ Face Food

There is a positive review of my book over at, a "site about making tasty, quick and healthy bento box meals." It really is a well-informed blog, and worth the daily visit (if you're that into bento boxes, that is...).

The article's writer, Maki, nutshelled Face Food as such: "The book is not really a how-to book, but rather a sort of pocket sized coffee table book... but the most interesting text is the introduction and the too-short questionnaires with a few of the bento creators... a nice intro to kyaraben."

Ok, I'll bite: you really like it for what it is, and that's cool... Thanks, Maki!

And, as if she needed further Kawaii Points, Maki and are raffling off their advance copy of the book... to one lucky commenter! So jump over to the site and leave your info before the deadline: this Tuesday, February 19th.

Kawaii bento heads!

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